5 Reasons Why You Should Make The Switch To LED Lights

In this day and age, making the switch to LED lights has become a huge trend! With so many lighting options on the market, LED lights have taken everyone by storm proving to be a huge advantage. They provide long term benefits for you and the environment.

LED lights are the future of lights. Here are 5 reasons why you should make the switch to LED lights:

  1. LED lights use less power

One of the top reasons why you should make the switch to LED lights is that they use less power! LED lights increase energy efficiency by approximately 80%. The generated energy from an LED light only loses 5% to heat and the rest is converted to light.

  1. You will save money

The use of less power means your electricity bill will decrease too. It’s a win-win situation! There’s a huge financial advantage when you switch to LED lighting. They also last longer and have less maintenance so you’ll be saving on those costs too!

  1. LED lights reduce the carbon footprint

Using LED lights not only are an advantage for you, but also an advantage for the environment. When you use less power and energy, you’re producing fewer greenhouse emissions. They also don’t contain highly toxic mercury so it reduces toxic waste when the lights are disposed of.

  1. LED lights last longer

Lasting longer than your standard light bulb, LED lights usually last for approximately 50,000 hours. So you’re looking at changing your LED light around every 10 years in comparison to every year when you’re using a standard bulb.

  1. They look good!

Using LED lights means you have so many more options when it comes to aesthetically lighting up your home. Strip lights not only look great but can be used in the bedroom, kitchen, under the couch and even just as decoration!

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