Fault Finding Melbourne

The team at Our Local Electrician in Melbourne are experts in fault finding when it comes to your electrics. Our team of technicians are qualified and have over 15 years of experience when it comes to finding electrical faults. We love to challenge ourselves, find your problems and solve them proactively. It’s important to find and resolve electrical faults as soon as possible as they can possibly cause extensive damage to your appliances and could possibly light a fire in your home.

Electrical faults Melbourne

Electrical problems can occur from a range of issues that include loose connections, melted fusible links, blown fuses, faulty sensors or even faulty relays. To diagnose any faults, it is important that the condition of the fuses, wires and connections in the circuit are inspected. Our expert technicians are able to identify all the components when it comes to an electric circuit. They’re able to go through the lights, switches, fuses, circuit breakers, fusible links, pumps, fans and motors to detect what the true problem is.

Diagnosing and checking the load and voltage drops are made easy with Our Local Electrician. We are able to check the resistance, continuity, lights, amperage and volts with the latest and most innovative technology.

Fault Finding Melbourne

Signs you have an electrical fault

Sometimes it might be hard to know whether you have an electrical fault however here are some obvious signs that you might have an electrical fault in your home:

  • Appliances aren’t working as well as they used to
  • Light switches feel really hot
  • You’re hearing buzzing noises from power outlets
  • Lights are flickering
  • Electric shocks when you touch switches or outlets
  • Circuit breakers or fuses that are constantly blown

When fault finding, our team of technicians always ensure that the work they are performing is safe and following protocol. If you are worried if you have an electrical fault in your home, it’s a safer option for you to give Our Local Electrician a call rather than leaving the safety of your family to chance. We are able to detect and resolve electrical problems efficiently.

Our Local Electrician are experts in fault finding and solving all electrical problems for both residential and commercial properties. With over 15 years of experience and a lifetime labour guarantee, you’re assured to have reliable, professional and perfectionist electricians completing the job for you. Our Local Electrician in Melbourne is open 24 hours, 7 days a week for your convenience. Give our friendly team of expert electricians a call on 03 9909 5369 and mention code #localelectrician for a $0 call out fee!

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