Call an emergency electrician in Melbourne

Signs that you should call an emergency electrician in Melbourne

Some electrical problems can be put off for days and even weeks, while others need an emergency electrician in Melbourne right away!

You can never ignore the potential danger and risks that electrical faults pose, Electrical problems can cause serious injury and death if not treated properly. This is why you need to be aware of the red flags below so you know when you should call our local electricians in Melbourne on 0399095369

How do you know if you have an electrical problem?

Keeping your home safe from the danger of any electrical issues requires regular electrical inspections. This helps reduce the risk and potential damage that, when left untreated, electrical emergencies can cause.

Here are obvious warning signs that must not be ignored and require URGENT services.

1. Burning smells

Never turn a blind eye on an unidentified burning smell.

Internal wires can burn, which can cause electrical fires. Most of the time, burnt smells come from outlets, switches, and sockets.

You should check the source of the burning smell, turn off all power sources, or unplug anything from outlets to avoid a fire.

This is why you need to call a licensed electrician to inspect the issue and avoid any potential harm or danger. Give our local electricians in Melbourne a call on 0399095369

2. Seeing sparks?

Small sparks sometimes happen when you connect an appliance to an outlet. However, if you notice consistent sparking then there might be faulty wiring that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Sudden electrical sparks can be a cause of worry, especially if there are:

  • Short circuits
  • Old outlets
  • Water leaks
  • Faulty repairs
  • Faulty sockets and wirings

3. lights flickering?

Flickering lights are often ignored. Frequent dimming and flickering lights actually indicate an underlying issue regarding your electricity.

It can lead to danger, including starting a fire. Below are some reasons as to why your light might be flickering.

  • Loose and outdated electrical wirings
  • Overloaded circuits
  • Voltage fluctuations
  • Faulty light switch
  • Loose light bulbs

4. Are your power outlets hot or warm to the touch?

Increased heat in outlets, sockets, and wirings should be an area of concern, as there might be a chance that you’re dealing with faulty electrical wiring. Give our local electricians in Melbourne a call on 0399095369 if you suspect overheating.

5. Water damage

In order to not suffer from electrocution, you may need to rewire and replace electrical switches and outlets as soon as possible after water damage. If your property has suffered water damage, flooding, or water leaking from the outlet, then you may need a qualified electrician to assess cables and wiring. These will often need to be replaced immediately.

6. Living in an older property

Old electrical systems need to be upgraded regularly as older buildings are usually prone to outdated, damaged, and decayed electrical wirings.

How do most electrical fires start?

Old outlets and wirings are prone to electrical surges. This is in fact how most electrical fires start. Older power sockets have just two prongs for your appliances, while modern outlets have three.

Why is three better? Three-prong outlets have something that two-pronged outlets do not - a ground wire, which means that modern, three-prong outlets, fitted with a ground wire, have the capacity to direct an unexpected surge of electricity into the ground. Without this, surges can cause appliance or socket damage, as well as electrical shock.

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