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Can pests damage electrical wires?

Can pests damage electrical wires?

We all know that pests can cause allergic reactions and spread dangerous diseases, however, pests also pose a threat by causing structural damage to your home, building or office space. Many pests will gnaw on electrical wires and cords, which poses a high risk of electrical malfunctions and fires.


The Dangers of chewed wires

Damaged wiring causes an obvious risk to your home. Exposed wiring can cause fires when it rests against wood, insulation, carpeting, or other flammable materials in your home. Chewed wires are responsible for many thousands of house fires every year! Electrical shorts and power outages are also another concern.

This type of damage also probably means other things in your home are being chewed on for example wood beams, PVC water pipes, and more.

The most common culprits are rodents—particularly squirrels, mice, and rats when it comes to damage in the home.


Why do they chew on wires?

These Rodents don’t particularly look for wires to chew on. Rodents just happen to like to hide in places where other hidden things are typically located, such as your home electric and security wiring systems. Wires are everywhere, and mice have an instinct to go after anything they can chew to keep their teeth from over growing. If they don’t chew on wires, they will eventually chew on anything and everything else.


How can you tell if a rodent has been gnawing at your wires?

Signs of chewed paper, wood chips, wood filaments, or other "chewed up" material, Smells of urine or a generalized putrefied, organic smell in those areas of the house, Markings of teeth on wires, tubes, pipes, or any type of hard surface.


What to do next?

Seek pest control services to remove the pests and then be sure to have your electrical wires checked by a professional electrician! Give Our local electrician services a call on  03 9909 5369 and we will have someone attend to your wiring problems immediately. We are open 24/7!

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