Common electrical problems around the house

Common electrical problems around the house

Your safety is of upmost importance when it comes to household electrics. Flickering lights, high bills and damaged appliances can all be a sign of electrical problems on your home circuit.  We have identified the most common electrical problems around the house below:


Light bulbs burning out too often

There are a number of reasons your lights can be burning out too often. These may include; Wattage is too high, insulation is too close to the light, bad wiring on the circuit or the mains or too much total wattage on one switch on a dimmer. If your bulb is flickering – there is probably a poor connection on the circuit. Identifying the issue can be tricky for non-professionals. We suggest reaching out to an electrician to assist your problem!


High electrical bill

Your electrical bill may be high due to the following:

Reducing the cost of your electrical bill could include:

  • Your specific provider – try switching to a more cost-effective provider.
  • Certain electrical devices may be causing power surges
  • Leaks in the hot water system
  • Appliances and Chargers stay plugged in when not in use
  • Damaged wiring or circuits


Electrical shocks

Electrical shocks generally happen when you turn a device on or off. The issue could be with the appliance, or it could be in the wiring. They are usually pretty mild, however still give an unpleasant experience. It is possible to identify the issue by plugging another device in; however, the risks are too high and seeking professional help is a much wiser decision.


Electrical Surges

Normally, a surge will last only a fraction of a second; if an appliance experiences multiple frequent surges, it will be significantly damaged and not last nearly as long. Frequent electrical surges can be the result of damaged power lines, a lightning strike, poor household electrical wiring, and defective appliances.


Lights Being Kept Too Dim or Bright

Different lights may utilise different wattages, so it is important to check your main connection and whether your bulbs are correct.


A Tripping Circuit Breaker

Sometimes appliances with particularly high wattage like a hairdryer or a microwave can cause your breaker to trip. Try using a lower setting if you are using them at the same time as other electrical appliances. Try to identify which appliance it is.

If you have any concerns or require assistance give Our Local Electrical Services a call on 03 9909 5369 and have the professionals complete the job for you.

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