How Often Do I Need to Change My Smoke Alarm?

A smoke alarm that is properly installed and maintained is a tool that could be the saver to a potentially extremely harmful situation. It provides early detection and warning to a fire that could be deadly.

We all know the battery of a smoke alarm should be replaced every year. But we always received questions regarding replacement of the whole smoke alarm and how often it should be replaced.

As much as we wished they did, smoke alarm systems don’t last a lifetime. Every now and again, your smoke alarm should be replaced. A general rule of thumb is that your smoke alarm should be replaced every 10 years. It’s important to take a look at the manufacturer’s instructions as each and every smoke alarm is different. However, if it’s gone missing, the 10-year rule should be followed.

If you’re forgetful and can’t remember when you purchased your smoke alarm, a standard requirement on every single smoke alarm is that the serial number o batch number is printed on the actual device. Have a look at this and it’s an easy way to discover the dates.

Smoke alarm technology is continually improving and evolving so having older and outdated smoke alarms could be a sign of potential danger.

Smoke Alarm Maintenance

Here’s a general rule of thumb when it comes to smoke alarm maintenance on your property.

  • Every month you should test your smoke alarm and battery.
  • Every 6 months you should thoroughly clean and remove any dust or dirt from your smoke alarm.
  • Once a year, you should replace the battery of your smoke alarm.
  • Every 10 years, you should completely replace your smoke alarm.

These are the best ways to maintain your smoke alarm and ensure its working effectively.

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