Pros and Cons of Having A Ceiling Fan in Your Home

We’ve heard so many debates regarding the pros and cons of having a ceiling fan in your home. We are here to put that debate to rest and have you make the decision yourself! We’ve seen ceiling fans in a lot of older homes and they’ve now made a comeback and are trending in new and modern luxury homes.

Pros of having a ceiling fan in your home

  1. Lowers your electricity costs

This is one of the major advantages of having a ceiling fan in your home. They save you quite a bit of money off your energy bill. In fact, ceiling fans save you approximately 40% on your electricity costs. How it does this? Your air conditioning unit doesn’t need to work so hard to cool down or warm up a room.

  1. They can keep you cool as well as warm

Ceiling fans aren’t just made to keep you cool! This is a fact that not many people are aware of. By pushing air downwards, the fan creates a breeze that cools your skin down through evaporation. If you want the ceiling fan to keep you warm, all you need to do is reverse the blades on the fan or change the direction of the rotation so that the fan pulls air upwards instead.

  1. They look good

Ceiling fans have evolved a whole lot than what they looked like in the 90s! Coming in a huge range of sizes, finishes and styles, there is sure to be a beautiful ceiling fan that will add a gorgeous aesthetic touch to your home. Complementing the interior of your home, ceiling fans have become a great accessory to lighten up a room.

  1. Built-in light

The majority of ceiling fans have a built-in light which is an added bonus that creates ambient lighting in a room. These lights also usually feature dimming lights which are great when you don’t enjoy bright lights at night!

Cons of having a ceiling fan in your home

  1. They’re hard to clean

Anything that’s high up is pretty difficult to clean and a ceiling fan is one of those things! Dust builds up quiet frequently on ceiling fans and it’s a pain to clean. Sometimes they require purchasing special cleaning equipment to ensure cleanliness is kept up.

  1. They’re very loud

Over time, ceiling fans have their weight shift which means they get louder and louder. We’ve all been in a room with a fan and thought about how distracting it is! The noise also becomes more prominent at night time when you’re trying to go to bed.

  1. The light isn’t bright

A great feature of a ceiling fan is that most of them come with a light. The downfall is that light isn’t usually very bright. It doesn’t really add that much value as additional lights will need to be installed to provide a well-lit room.

  1. Hazard if the ceilings aren’t high

If your ceiling isn’t that high, a ceiling fan could be a hazard. If the ceiling is low, it could mean people will bump their heads into the fan. This can be very dangerous when the fan is turned on and spinning at a high speed.

So there you have it! There are the pros and cons of having a ceiling fan in your home. If you’re looking to install or uninstall a ceiling fan in your home, it’s important to get a licensed electrician to do the work for you! Give Our Local Electrician a call on 03 9909 5369 for all your ceiling fan queries.

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