Signs That It’s Time To Upgrade Your Switchboard

A switchboard is the central point of all your homes electrical wiring. If your electricity is out, you’ll be going straight to your switchboard to see what’s wrong. The switchboard can usually be found inside your house or on the outside connected to the side of the house.

If you’re renovating, buying new appliances or having issues, it’s important to upgrade your switchboard. An old or damaged switchboard could harm the safety of your home and family.

Here are some signs that it’s time to upgrade your switchboard:

Melted or blackened fuses

A very important sign that a switchboard upgrade needs to happen in the very near future! Melted or blackened fuses are signs that your fuses are old and damaged and need replacing. This could also harm the safety of your home and needs a licensed electrician to have a look at it as soon as possible!

Flickering lights

If you have flickering lights in your home it’s a sign that your switchboard could possibly be overloaded. Loose wiring and damaged switchboards also sometimes cause your lights to flicker.


If you’re plugging something into an electricity point and you see sparks, there is either something wrong with your switchboard or the item you’re plugging in. If there are sparks around your switchboard or on your switchboard, you need to call a licensed electrician immediately as it presents a lot of danger.


If there are wires all over the place and you can’t see what’s connected to what, you know that your switchboard definitely needs an upgrade. It’s time to get rid of the congestion and clean up your switchboard so it doesn’t eventually overload.

You live in an old house

It’s more than likely that if you live in an old house, you have an old and outdated switchboard that accompanies it. Older switchboards have fewer circuits which aren’t really enough for the electricity that needs to run through your house.

Appliances trip the circuit

In this day and age, a lot more appliances are in use and plugged in at the same time. What this can do to an older switchboard is overload it. Do you ever have the issue where you turn an appliance on and your switchboard short circuits? That’s a sign you need a new one!

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