What do you do in an electrical emergency?

Being proactive when electrical emergencies happen, protects your home and property from any risks of power outages, fires, combustion reactions, and electrocution.

There are 4 straightforward steps you should take in the case of an electrical emergency.

Step 1. Turn off the main power source

The first thing that you should do when electrical emergencies happen is to turn off the main power source to be sure that outlets, switches, and appliances are protected.

If you see a spark, smell a burning outlet, or touch a hot power outlet, you should immediately turn off your circuit breaker or power supply to reduce any risks of electrical shocks and damage.

Step 2. Check the source of the electrical issue

Your electrical problems may be caused by a faulty appliance, burned outlets, and even flickering lights.

So after you turn your main power off, you may be able to look for visual clues that help you identify the source of the problem. Do not investigate beyond visual inspections. Do not touch any live wires, and do not touch problematic appliances.

Instead, you should…

Step 3. Call a certified electrician in Melbourne

Last but not least, contact a local, reliable electrician near you who can provide immediate support and advice for all your unexpected electrical emergencies.

Electrical issues are never meant to be dealt with alone. Calling an electrician will save you from stress, and most importantly, protects you, your family, and your home.

And call Triple Zero if required

If you or anyone around you is in immediate danger, call Triple Zero (000) for urgent care from Police, Fire, and Ambulance services.

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Need an emergency electrician in Melbourne?

Keep your home and property safe from any electrical emergencies with the help of an electrician in Melbourne. Call a licensed electrician on 03 9909 5369

A qualified and licensed expert electrician provides you with a range of electrical services, including unexpected problems from safety switch failure to blown fuses.

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